Friday, June 28 – CDCA ends at 1:00pm on Banquet Day

The Banquet is a celebration of US; all we are, what we are doing and how far we have come in the program. It is an exquisite break from our routine of five classes a day. Every year the Banquet has a different theme and is filled with surprises and tactile activities. The young artists are asked to wear a bathing suit under their clothes: a white shirt and white shorts so that they become blank canvases. They should also bring a towel and a change of clothes.


Wednesday, July 10th – in the evening

Your ambitious children have created many more performances than our Festival can hold. Thus, the PENULTIMATE! The Penultimate will be an elegant evening of presentations by some of this year’s performing arts classes. These young artists have created a beautiful evening that we hope you will receive and enjoy in the full-hearted spirit in which it will be presented. Edible delights from Edible Arts will be served after the performance.


Friday, July 12th – in the evening

The Arts Festival lives and breathes a life of its own. It is the culmination of five weeks of artistic challenge and even though the journey is most important, the destination has extraordinary rewards. The children become proud painters, sculptors, poets, performers and giant puppeteers. They transform themselves into stilt walking birds, majestic mythical creatures and Shakespearian characters. They dance, fence, juggle and sing with the guidance of committed artists and their own courage and creative spirits. The Arts Festival exudes and celebrates each participant’s greatness.