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“CDCA is playful, inventive, silly, deep, delicious, hard working, humorous, supportive, excellent; a Guinness Book of World Record breaking experience.”
– Alison Wells

We will start accepting applications for Interns in February 2024. In the meantime, if you are interested in applying, please email us at


The Intern position entails assisting Senior Staff and performing general duties for CDCA. It also entails learning skills, learning about art, and learning about teaching art to children. Interns vary greatly in age, the youngest being age 15. For some, CDCA is a first job. Others come with years of professional experience. All are here because they love kids, art, and the extraordinary experience of CDCA.

Teaching Artists

The Senior Staff of CDCA are professional artists and educators who care deeply about their craft. They use the power of art to spark personal growth and create a colorful, culturally diverse, learning community, filled with joy, wonder, courage and surprise. Respect and support for one another cultivates an open, safe environment for artistic inquiry, inventiveness, and creative risk taking.

Please send your resume to
Contributing will help a child go to Summer Camp
Contributing will help a child go to Summer Camp